Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Exotic Pet Wonderland Located?

Exotic Pet Wonderland is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. We are a registered facility with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA.)

Does Exotic Pet Wonderland Sell Exotic Pets?

No, we don’t sell exotic pets. Our goals are to educate and help you decide if these animals are right for you. Or, if you already have one of these animals, we are here to help answer questions you have and help you provide your pet with the best life possible.

Does Exotic Pet Wonderland Accept Animals Born in the Wild?

Sadly, no. We are only licensed to take in animals  born in captivity. We do work with rehabbers when possible to help find assistance for wild born animals, just as rehabbers come to us about captive bred animals. 

Is Exotic Pet Wonderland Open to the Public?

No. While our end goal is to open for tours and other events, we are not currently open to the public. You can help us to reach our goal of being open faster by looking at our “how can you help page,” sponsoring an animal, or making a donation!

How Can I Donate to Exotic Pet Wonderland?

Exotic Pet Wonderland relies on donations for funding. You can make a donation either by visiting our donations page, or by donating directly to our Paypal or Venmo

Paypal – www.paypal.com/paypalme/exoticpetwonderland

Venmo – www.venmo.com/exoticpetwonderland

Can I Volunteer at Exotic Pet Wonderland?

At the moment, we do not offer any ways to volunteer directly with the animals. 

However, we are open to accepting volunteers for donor relations, grant writing, graphics design, content creation, IT, and other non-animal related work. If you are interested in any of these things, please fill out this form here.


Are Donations Made To Exotic Pet Wonderland Tax Deductible?

As a federally licensed nonprofit, any donations made to help the animals is tax deductible and we are happy to write a receipt if you ask. 

Can I Adopt an Animal From Exotic Pet Wonderland?

Once we allow volunteers, it may be possible to adopt an animal from us, but at the moment, we are not adopting out to the general public. Our adoption process will include some volunteer time to get to learn the animal and for us to get to know you, an enclosure inspection as every animal here will need a secure enclosure, and passing our application process.

What Animals Does Exotic Pet Wonderland Accept?

We can take in a large variety of species, but mainly focus on foxes (vulpes, urocyon, otocyon), raccoons and other procyonidae, bobcats,  lynxes, and others in the felidae family, and coyotes and other canidae. We do not take in domestic pets or livestock, however we are happy to accept reptiles and will consider exotic pocket pets as space and funding allows. 

How Do I Surrender My Pet To Exotic Pet Wonderland?

Please fill out our surrender form which can be found here

Does EPW Offer Boarding For Exotic Pets?

We offer boarding for exotic pets for a fee. If you are interested in boarding your animal, please fill out the form here

How Much Does An Enclosure Cost for a Pet Fox or Another Animal?

Depending on the enclosure, they can get quite expensive, to sponsor an enclosure for one of our animals, please visit the enclosure sponsorship page

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