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Exotic Pet Wonderland is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit animal sanctuary, and the only one in the state of Tennessee that accepts difficult exotics and captive born native wildlife.  Since Exotic Pet Wonderland receives no funding outside of donations, we depend on donors for support. This way, we can continue to help any animal that needs us. As we are a registered nonprofit, all donations to Exotic Pet Wonderland are tax deductible. We are happy to provide a receipt upon request for tax purposes.

How to donate

If you would like to donate to Exotic Pet Wonderland, we accept donations directly through the website, or through Paypal or Venmo.

Paypal –

Venmo –

Are you a business owner or community organizer around Knoxville?

If you are a business or a community organization who would like to help us continue our mission of helping animals like raccoons, foxes, bobcats, and more, visit our Community Support page. 

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