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Help Save Exotic Pets in Tennessee

Help Save Exotic Pets in Tennessee

Exotic Pet Wonderland is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit animal sanctuary, and the only one in the state of Tennessee that accepts difficult exotics and captive born native wildlife.  Since Exotic Pet Wonderland receives no funding outside of donations, we depend on donors for support so we can continue to help any animal that needs us. As we are a registered nonprofit, all donations to Exotic Pet Wonderland are tax deductible, and we are happy to provide a receipt upon request for tax purposes.

Community Sponsors

A photo of a red fox wearing a plaid bandana sitting in a pile of fallen leaves at an exotic pet sanctuary in Tennessee

If you are a business or an organization looking to support a nonprofit animal rescue, you have come to the right place! Community sponsors donate at least $100 a month and receive an image with a link to their website on our home page as a thanks. If your business or organization is interested in becoming an Exotic Pet Wonderland community sponsor, please contact us below.


Material Donations

Exotic Pet Wonderland cares for over fifty animals, including raccoons, red and arctic foxes, bobcats, and more. As you can imagine, we use up supplies quickly! We go through hundreds of pounds of animal food and enclosure bedding a month, need wood and wire for building enclosures, and work to ensure all our rescue animals have the best enrichment available. If you are a business or an organization interest in making material donations of any kind, please reach out to us!

Phone: 865-236-7596


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