Exotic Pet Wonderland is Tennessee's first and only 501(c)3 sanctuary for captive bred wildlife and difficult exotics. 

My name is Linsey, and I started this sanctuary with a couple amazing, like minded people. How and why did we start this sanctuary? We have all grew up rescuing and loving animals, from the time we could walk.  In fact, the first time my husband and I spoke it was about rescuing a dog! We each started out as animal and  nature lovers and  cared for lots of different animals, but in 2014, my husband and I brought home our first fox.   He was a handful and we learned a lot from him, and in January of 2017 our lives changed in a way we never guessed it would. That's the year we rescued our first fox in need, Mordecai. Bringing him home and earning his trust is what made us want to educate and rescue these animals.  We aren't expecting to end world hunger, or bring world peace as much as we'd like to do those things, but we are hoping to change the world for as many of these amazing animals as possible.  We don't want to only focus on the captive bred wildlife that needs our help, we also want to help the ecosystem that the wild animals call home, along with educating others on how to live in harmony with our wild friends.  

Who are We?

Exotic Pet Wonderland