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Help Us Build Enclosures

Enclosures are one of the most costly expenses we have here and they are also a huge deciding factor on us being able to take in and help more animals. A unique way to help us provide homes for more animals, is to help sponsor an enclosure or some building supplies to help with an enclosure. If you choose this route, we will add a plaque onto the enclosure somewhere thanking you, dedicating it to someone, or we can add your business name to advertise for you that way. When you sponsor an enclosure we will send you a gift from the animals who will benefit from that enclosure and anytime we post about those animals we will credit you publically for your donation, so this can be a great advertisement opportunity.

Here is a breakdown of what our enclosure costs to show you where enclosure sponsorships go:

We build each of our enclosures using 8ga 12×6 welded wire panels, and each of these panels is $55

for the floor and ceiling on the enclosures, we use rolls of 12ga welded wire. each roll is 100×6 and cost $135

wood for the enclosure gets expensive, and depending on the size it varies for each enclosure. on average each enclosure is built with:

4x4x8s costing $9.77ea,

2x6x12s costing $11.98ea, and

4x4x12s costing $17.47ea

however, size and location of the enclosure will sometimes require larger boards.

On average, we can build a 12x12x6 enclosure with:

4 panels- $220

1/2 roll of wire- $67.50

4 (4x4x8) posts- $39.08

8 (4x4x12) posts- $139.76

and 2 (2x6x12) boards- $23.96

not including screws, fencing staples, and other hardware.

We buy deck screws in large packs for $99.98

We use 10.5ga freeman fencing staples which vary in cost, but currently are going for $58 a box

and we also use long exterior screws for the frame which cost $1.78ea (on average one 12x12x6 enclosure needs 8-12 of these)

Totalling out to around $670.50

$ 55.00
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