How much should a pet raccoon weigh?

A photo of a formerly aggressive pet raccoon sitting on a tree branch climb in her enclosure

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How Much Should A Pet Raccoon Weigh?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and due to the rise in popularity of pet raccoon videos on tiktok, something a lot of people have been searching recently. Interestingly enough, the ideal weight for a raccoon doesn’t have all that much to do with the number on the scale. You see, if you google “average weight for a raccoon,” the internet will tell you it’s about 8-20 pounds for a male. That doesn’t necessarily mean a 6-pound raccoon is emaciated, however, or one that is 24 pounds is obese. When it comes to determining the ideal weight for a pet raccoon, you more so need to look at the animal’s body condition.

A body condition score is something animal care professionals use to assess fat accumulation on an animal, and requires a visual and tactile examination. Ideally, the animal’s body mass is proportionate with its skeletal structure. This chart below will help you understand what I am talking about. 

Ok, so what does any of this mean? Exactly how much should a pet raccoon weigh? Well, that is something I can’t give you an exact answer to, because it all depends on the animal. As long as the raccoon is not under or overweight, you are fine. I will say this, however: Your pet raccoon should not look like a squishmallow, and your pet raccoon should not look like a pillow pet. Raccoons should not have fat rolls, and should have a defined stomach area.

A photo of a raccoon squishmallow with a red "no" sign over it.
A photo of a raccoon pillow pet with a red "no" symbol over it
A photo of an adult male pet raccoon that is a healthy weight.
A photo of a pet raccoon that is a healthy weight with a green checkmark

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