How To Get a Pet Raccoon

A photo of a raccoon that says "how to get a pet raccoon" over it in white text

It’s almost baby season–which means our inbox is flooded with messages daily from people asking us to sell them a fox/raccoon/bobcat/opossum/etc. As a sanctuary, we do not breed, sell, or rehome our animals to the public. However, we are here to educate you about owning captive-bred wildlife.    What To Consider When Getting a Pet […]

How to Build a Fake Tree for an Animal Enclosure

A photo of a raccoon enclosure that says "how to make a fake tree for an animal enclosure" over it in white text

When it comes to designing animal enclosures, the time and effort put into it isn’t just for us humans–it is for the animals too! Wether you run a rehab or a sanctuary or are just keeping an exotic pet, well-designed enclosures are essential for allowing animals to live their best lives. If you are anything […]

What To Do If You Find a Baby Raccoon

a photo of a baby raccoon among some tropical house plants that says "what to do if you find a baby raccoon" in white text

Some people might take finding a baby raccoon as a sign you need to keep it and have a pet raccoon, but I promise you–It is not! Raccoons are not cats and there is no “raccoon distribution system.” 

Do Raccoons Hibernate? Understanding Raccoon Torpor

A photo of a sleeping raccoon with the text "do raccoons hibernate?" over it in white font

As the seasons change and the days grow colder, many people find themselves wondering about where animals–like raccoons–go in the winter. If you have a pet raccoon, you might find yourself wondering why they are so sleepy in the winter, or why your raccoon is taking longer to wake up than normal.

Raccoons and Moonshine

A photo of a raccoon in front of a moonshine distillery that says "raccoons and moonshine"

What do raccoons have to do with moonshine? Moonshiners found a unique purpose for the raccoon baculum. Because of the bone’s distinctive curve, it worked perfectly to guide the flow of moonshine when moving the drink between vessels.

How much should a pet raccoon weigh?

A photo of a formerly aggressive pet raccoon sitting on a tree branch climb in her enclosure

How Much Should A Pet Raccoon Weigh? This is a question we get asked a lot, and due to the rise in popularity of pet raccoon videos on tiktok, something a lot of people have been searching recently. Interestingly enough, the ideal weight for a raccoon doesn’t have all that much to do with the […]

Are Pet Raccoons Legal in my State?

A photo of a raccoon with the words "Are pet raccoons legal in my state?" over the image in white text

Are Pet Raccoons Legal In My State? We here at Exotic Pet Wonderland understand how hard it can be to get straight info on the legality of exotic pet ownership, so we’ve created this list to more easily answer the question “Are pet raccoons legal in my state?”  Our updated map for 2024 showing the […]

Dealing With an Aggressive Pet Raccoon

A photo of a formerly aggressive pet raccoon sitting on a tree branch climb in her enclosure

Dealing with an Aggressive Pet Raccoon If you have a pet raccoon, or have mentioned getting one, you have probably heard something along the lines of “Oh! My grandad/cousin/sister’s best friend’s uncle had a pet raccoon! It was sweet when it was a baby, and then it grew up and got mean, so they got […]

How to Litter Box Train a Raccoon

A photo of a cinnamon color morph pet raccoon sitting on a wooden structure

How to Litter Box Train a Raccoon One of the questions I get asked most frequently from new owners of pet raccoons is “How do I litter box train a raccoon?” When I first got my pet raccoon, Moonshine, I had trouble finding any good resources. Hopefully this guide will help the process go a […]

The Dangers of Fat Pet Raccoons

A photo of two incredibly fat pet raccoons sitting on a ledge

The Dangers of Fat Pet Raccoons If you are on any kind of social media, you have likely stumbled across a video of a charmingly chunky pet raccoon. I’ll admit, even I find fat raccoons cute from an aesthetic point of view. Once you realize what obesity means for the animal, however, the concept of […]

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