How Much Does a Pet Fox Cost?

A photo of a red fox/arctic fox hybrid that ways "How much does a pet fox cost?" over it in white text.

How Much Does a Pet Fox Cost? One question we get quite frequently is “How much does a pet fox cost?” Now, I am sure most people asking that are only wondering how much the actual fox costs. The truth, however, is that buying the fox is the cheap part! After you buy the animal […]

Exotic Pets and Child Safety

A photo of a pet raccoon looking up with big, sad eyes with bold white text over it that says "Exotic Pets and Child Safety

Are exotic pets safe around children? As someone with over fifty animals on my property–raccoons, bobcats, foxes, etc–I frequently get asked how my kids do with the animals. This question is generally followed by “What exotic pets can you recommend for households with children?” These are both complex questions, but I’ll try to break it […]

Canadian Marble Foxes aren’t what you think!

A photo of a silver and white marble fox at a fox sanctuary in tennessee with white text over it that says "Canadian Marble Foxes aren't what you think!" In bold white font.

Canadian Marble Foxes are not what you think! So I’ve got to be honest, when I hear the term Canadian marble fox, I cringe. The term “marble fox” itself already confuses people–marble foxes are just marble patterned red foxes, not a different species. And when the topic of Canadian marble foxes comes up? The confusion […]

Is it legal to have a pet raccoon dog?

a photo of a raccoon dog with the text "can I have a pet raccoon dog?" written in white text.

Is it legal to have a pet raccoon dog? No, you cannot have a raccoon dog as a pet. Raccoon dogs, also known as tanukis, are 100% illegal to keep as pets in the United States. Not only is having a pet raccoon dog illegal, possessing a raccoon dog in any capacity is illegal except […]

Social Media’s Exotic Pet Problem

Social Media’s Exotic Pet Problem Viral videos of pet foxes and raccoons make my life harder. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are adorable and I love watching them, but these videos also result in me having to do more paperwork. Allow me to explain: If you’re on social media, then you’ve seen viral […]

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