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21 Oct

The Dangers of Fat Pet Raccoons

The Dangers of Fat Pet Raccoons If you are on any kind of social media, you have likely stumbled across a video of a charmingly chunky pet raccoon. I’ll admit, even I find fat raccoons cute from an aesthetic point of view. Once you realize what obesity means for the animal, however, the concept of […]

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13 Oct

Answering Your Pet Raccoon Questions

Answering Your Pet Raccoon Questions For an animal so many people seem to be interested in keeping as a pet, there is unfortunately a lack of good, honest information out there about what it is like to keep a pet raccoon. At Exotic Pet Wonderland, educating about the realities of owning captive bred wildlife and their […]

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21 Sep

Do Pet Foxes Smell?

Do Pet Foxes Smell?   Foxes smell very strong, just ask anyone who comes close to us here at Exotic Pet Wonderland! The smell of the fox can very depending on the species, but the bigger the fox, the more they are likely to smell. Their scent comes from not only their excrement, but also several […]