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Exotic Pet Wonderland Facilities

At Exotic Pet Wonderland animal care is our number one priority

Fox Enclosures

Each one of our fox enclosures has insulated houses for each fox, climbing structures to let them explore and get onto different levels, and constant access to high quality kibble and fresh water with vitamins. We add fresh bedding as needed and clean often. We are currently saving to add a climate controlled area to our Arctic Fox enclosures to help them stay cool in our heat, but until then, we have several measures to keep all of our babies comfortable. 

Raccoon Enclosures

Our raccoons are put in groups based on their personalities, and they each have access to the raccoon play room daily. Their room contains climbing structures, a wheel, and many different toys that we rotate around to keep them all occupied. Whether inside the raccoon room or not, they have access to fresh clean water 24/7. We have started an outdoor enclosure portion to the raccoon room, and it will be finished soon. Our outdoor portion will have more climbing structures and a pond. When one group of raccoons is not using the raccoon play room, they aren’t locked in cages, instead they have access to the entire rest of the house, and even sleep with staff at night.

Bobcat Enclosure

Our Bobcat, Jasper, has access to clean fresh water 24/7 in his spacious enclosure. He has climbing structures and more being added as his enclosure just got an upgrade recently. He also gets a full balanced raw diet and has lots of enrichment daily.