How Can You Help Us?

Exotic Pet Wonderland is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, the only one in the state that takes in any difficult exotics and captive born native wildlife that need us, as long as we can financially do so. Since we get no funding outside of donations, we depend on you to help us so that we can help more animals that need us. 

We have many options for those who want to help the animals

Animal Sponsorship

When you sponsor an animal, you'll recieve a link to an amazon wishlist made specifically for that individual, with their favorite toys, snacks, and other things they need. 

You can also help with other bills they accumulate such as vet care and raw food by sponsoring them. 

All sponsors get pictures and updates on their sponsored animal more often than we post normally, can ask questions about their animal and will also recieve gifts from their animal throughout the year. Also, if you are nearby, sponsors may be welcome to come meet their sponsored animal in person with a private encounter. 

Message us to join the sponsor program!

Enclosure Sponsorship

Enclosures are one of the most costly expenses we have here and they are also a huge deciding factor on us being able to take in and help more animals. A unique way to help us  provide homes for more animals, is to help sponsor an enclosure or some building supplies  to help with an enclosure. If you choose this route, we will add a plaque onto the enclosure somewhere thanking you or dedicating it to someone. We can also put business names on the plaque if you prefer.

Want to Offer Hands on Help ? It's Coming Soon!

While we can't officially have volunteers yet, we will get to have that as an option as soon as we can reach our goal of having a perimeter fence up and becoming licensed to put on educational shows and have volunteers. 

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