Canadian Marble Foxes aren’t what you think!

A photo of a silver and white marble fox at a fox sanctuary in tennessee with white text over it that says "Canadian Marble Foxes aren't what you think!" In bold white font.

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Canadian Marble Foxes are not what you think!

So I’ve got to be honest, when I hear the term Canadian marble fox, I cringe. The term “marble fox” itself already confuses people–marble foxes are just marble patterned red foxes, not a different species. And when the topic of Canadian marble foxes comes up? The confusion triples. So what is a Canadian Marble Fox? Allow me to start with a few photos that are labeled as “Canadian Marble Foxes” and then explain from there. 

When you google the term “Canadian Marble Fox” you get a variety of photos, many of which went viral on social media at one point or another. Can you guess how many of these photos are actually what they claim to be? Let’s go through them and find out.

Round 1

A screenshot of a google image search result for "canadian marble foxes"
Round One: Which of these foxes is a real "Canadian Marble?"

This is not a "Canadian Marble Fox," this is a doll!

Out of the first 13 photos you see when you look up Canadian Marble Fox, 6 of them are actually not a fox at all. These are all dolls–beautifully done works of art, For people wanting a pet fox, these would be a great option of course, as dolls are legal to own everywhere! But what about the other 7 photos? 

Round 2

A google screenshot of several marble foxes. The word "Doll" is written in large red letters over foxes that are claimed to be a "canadian marble fox."
Round Two: The dolls are out. Now, which of the remaining foxes are actually Canadian Marbles?

This is an Arctic Fox!

The first photo shown that isn’t a doll is actually a Polar morph Arctic fox! You can find tons of information on other areas of our site regarding arctic foxes. Arctic foxes are kept as pets in some states legally, although they are not legal everywhere. Additionally, they are hard to care for, so we recommend looking at our care guide in order to determine if they are the right pet for you.

Round 3

Round Three: All the foxes left now are actual foxes. Can you tell which ones are really what they claim to be?

Only three of these marble foxes are actually Canadian!

The last six photos out of the first thirteen on Google are actually marble foxes. But the question is: Are they Canadian? Only three of the marble foxes shown are actually from Canada. 

Here are the answers: Only three of the marble foxes pictured are from Canada.

Are Canadian Marble Foxes real?

Marble foxes from Canada are real, but most of the things you have heard about them are false.

Let’s take a look at the article “What is the Canadian Marble Fox?” from Dan’s Pet Care that is working to perpetuate this misinformation. The first sentence says, “The Canadian Marble Fox, or Arctic Marble Fox, is a unique and beautiful subspecies of the red fox that is found only in a small area of Canada.”

I am not going to go through the entire article and pick it apart, but this sentence alone is enough to show the false information being spread. The Canadian Marble fox is not a subspecies of red fox, and it is not only found in a small area of Canada. 

Are the actual marble foxes from Canada any different from the ones found in other countries? Genetically, no. Terms like marble, Canadian marble, sunglow, arctic marble etc. are just terms people use to describe specific color morphs of the red species fox.

Canadian Marble Foxes, or any of the other morphs mentioned above, aren’t different breed, species, sub species, or even a hybrid. They are just a red species fox that has been selectively bred to be a non-natural color. This means, if you would want to own a “Canadian Marble Fox,” you need to visit our red fox care guide for legality and care information. Marble foxes come in many different colors due to selective breeding and, although they are very beautiful animals, are no different than a red fox in any other way.

Update (10/20/2023) – We did a bit more digging into the phenomenon of Marble Fox misinformation, and here is what we came up with


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