Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Exotic Pet Wonderland is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. We are a registered facility with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA.)

Can I come and see the animals?

Currently we are not open to the public, but we hope to open soon for volunteers and guided tours. Stay tuned as we will announce when that is possible!

Can I adopt an animal from EPW?

Once we allow volunteers, it may be possible to adopt an animal from us, but at the moment, we are not adopting out to the general public. Our adoption process will include some volunteer time to get to learn the animal and for us to get to know you, an enclosure inspection as every animal here will need a secure enclosure, and passing our application process.

What animals do you take at EPW?

We can take in a large variety of species, but mainly focus on foxes (vulpes, urocyon, otocyon), raccoons and other procyonidae, bobcats. lynxes, and others in the felidae family, and coyotes and other canidae. We do not take in domestic pets or livestock. 

How much does an enclosure cost for a pet fox or other animal?

Depending on the enclosure, they can get quite expensive, to sponsor an enclosure for one of our animals, please visit the sponsorship page. Additionally, if you’re interested in having an enclosure built you can reach out to us. Tim can build or help you build one for a small fee.

Are donations made to EPW tax deductible?

As a federally licensed nonprofit, any donations made to help the animals is tax deductible and we are happy to write a receipt if you ask.