Here at Exotic Pet Wonderland, we strive daily to provide all of our residents with a better life. To be able to do that, we rely on our donors to help us afford the most nutritional appropriate diets, spacious enclosures, and regular vet care. A lot of our animals have suffered abuse and neglect before coming to us, arriving here malnourished due to improper diet, filthy, matted, covered in fleas and with internal parasites. Without our help, many of these animals would have no where to go and would likely spend the rest of their lives bouncing from one house to another, not receiving the care and attention they need. Instead, we clean them up, have them checked by a vet, get them parasite free and fixed, and give them the best care we can. To help us continue helping these animals and more, we need your help. You can add us as your Amazon smile charity, send us items from our wishlists, or give us a one time donation as every penny helps us to continue giving these animals the best life we can.