Bobcats as Pets

Bobcats: cuddly house cat or vicious predator?

What exactly are bobcats like in captivity? Well, since Jasper is older and our first bobcat, we don't have much experience raising one. However, we have worked with them in the past and didn't just jump in blindly to owning him. As with any animal, research on their care is critical for success, and we had done lots of research on bobcats, so when we were contacted about him, we knew we could provide for his special needs. As with any wild animal or exotic, please research before getting them and please make sure they are legal where you live. I haven't created a map for bobcat friendly states yet, but as soon as I do it'll go here first. If you find a wild bobkitten, please find a rehabber, do not take wild animals and try to make them your pets. 


So if you are serious about getting a bobcat, you need to figure out housing. In my experience, bobcats do really well outdoors, but it's possible that you could have them both indoor and out. The thing is, both sexes of bobcat will mark, and even fixing doen't stop it completely. As for keeping them outdoors, they need a very heavy duty, escape proof enclosure. The absolute minimum enclosure size I'd recommend for a bobcat is 24x24x12ft as they need lots of space, and the taller the better as long as you can build them structures to play on, because what cat doesn't like heights? Their enclosure also needs a full top and bottom of at least 8ga welded wire, and a catch door system so you don't have any issues with escaping.

Bobcat Diet

Bobcats, like any cat, are obligate carnivores, meaning they only need meat in their diet, so it's best to feed them a full meat diet. They really don't do well on commercial food only, and while you can supplement with a good, commercial carnivore diet, some won't eat it even if it's offered. Therefore, a balanced raw meat diet is essential. By balanced, I mean either whole prey or around 80% muscle meat, 10% raw bone, 5% liver, and 5% other form of offal. On top of a raw diet, it's best to give a supplemental vitamin powder, and I give several supplements, including taurine powder and wild trax powder. As with most animals, pork is one food item that should be given sparingly if at all, but otherwise bobcats can have about any meat.